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Smart Energy Movement (SEM)

Smart Energy Movement (SEM) is a campaign for smart ways of energy practices by all constituents worldwide, including governments, producers, and consumers under the slogan of Energy for All Save the Planet. Smart Energy Index (SEI) is instituded to globally monitor the progress of the Smart Energy Movement (SEM) and make recommendations for future advancenents. The criteria for SEI includes energy access achievement, renewable energy share energy efficiency improvement, and greenhouse gas reduction status. Smart Energy Movement includes:
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World Energy Day

World Energy Day was first proposed by Prof. Harold Hyunsuk Oh, Chairman and President of World Energy Forum, and was proclaimed by World Energy Forum on July 22, 2012 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The first celebration of World Energy Day was on October 22, 2012 on the Opening Day of World Energy Forum 2012 (October 22-24) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, when a large number of Heads of States and Ministers and Country Delegations from 127 United Nations Member states gathered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

World Energy Monitor

World Energy Forum publishes monthly, World Energy Monitor: Leading the Global Conversation, which provides timely, informative and challenging articles presenting fresh insight in a balanced, nonpartisan context.

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