Research Programs

World Energy Forum Global Health

World Energy Forum was established to meet the 21st century's global challenges and has established its Science Department to discover the natural medicine for prevention and cure of diseases using nanotechnology and invent advanced medical equipment and machines for global marketing.

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WEF Center for Air Transport Management (CATM)

World Energy Forum operates this centers as an advisory to governments to set up and operate (and sometimes invest) Aeronautics Technology Colleges and Centers for Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul.

World Energy Research Center (WERC)

The World Energy Research Center (WERC) will be dedicated to support the World Energy Forum organization's initiative to lead a worldwide energy revolution and create a new global energy civilization. The mission of WERC is to address the 21st Century humanity's triple challenges: To develop innovative, efficient, safe ways to use fossil fuel and nuclear energy; to develop commercially viable renewable energy; and to steward the natural environment.

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